Tarot Reader


The tarot holds rich meaning in my life. Sincerely, tarot has unlocked hidden gifts within myself that I had yet to discover. The tarot has helped me to foster a deeper connection with my spirituality and assist others in a way that was unknown to me. I find the tarot both beautiful and fascinating. The images are rich with symbolism and the detailed characteristics are delicately interwoven to provide an extensive collection of meanings. I am deeply intrigued by the intuitive messages I receive from the images that take shape before me every time I cast the cards. It is this reason I am moved to create a blog.

Within these passages, I reveal what the tarot means to me. I do not pretend that what I write here is an all encompassing definition of each card. In my experience, each tarot card holds far too many meanings to write about in a blog post. What I attempt to do here is allow the reader into my world, to see what I see when I pull a card. However, there is a difference in pulling a card at random for the simple purpose of creation than from reading one in a spread. Yet, the reader will still be able to use the information herein to increase their knowledge of the tarot and embark on their own journey of discovery.

I am available for tarot readings, should you want one, just see the tabs at the top of the page. However, the information I provide here is free and I hope that it helps others in whatever capacity they may need.

Traditionally, I do my readings with the Hanson-Roberts tarot. In this blog, however, I am currently using the beautiful Fanestra Tarot Deck by Chatriya. It is published by Gaming Systems, Inc. and can be purchased here: Fanestra Tarot. I think this deck is elegant and graceful and I am completely enamored and moved to create by the images on the cards. I hope you find them equally to your liking!

Light & Love,
Christine Chester

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